All available Twig files for your templates need to be based in your Orca project directory.
With plugins it's possible to add an additional directory (anywhere) with more components and scripts.


Please configure your manifest.json and provide a folder for all your additional scripts and plugins.


In that folder create a new sub folder structure like '/mysql/5.7" and place an "" file in it.
You can use any individual code and script.

We personally like to create reusable installer components that receive parameters for their individual integration.
These files can also be shared with a community.
Here is a sample of a MySQL installation with custom root password:


Now that we have created our reusable script, we simply add it to the part of our Dockerfile where we want to install it.
Include the Twig file from the plugin folder and provide your parameter for the password.
In our case, the password is originally coming from an Orca variable.