Welcome to ORCA.
A brand new Docker Image Generator.

Designed to craft and maintain awesome Docker images with the power of a template engine.

orca teaser

Built for Developers

Build Dockerfiles with your everyday tools such as Twig. We provide you the "dev" step before Dockerfiles :)

Build for DevOps

If your images are your "products", then you know the hassle of maintaining and improving them. Get in control of all your product variations with a single source code for all of them.

Built with passion

We love coding - we love Docker - and we love to combine them!
Orca is completely made from our needs and due to the problems we faced when building our images and maintaining them.

Why Orca?


Can I use Orca for all kinds of Docker images?

Absolutely. YES!
There's no restriction on what can be built with Orca. All content is completely up to you!


Can I contribute to this awesome project?

Yes - please! Orca has been made for our own use and needs. We would love to hear what YOU need, and invite you to improve the project too!


Why has Orca been made?

We treat our images like products!
They get more and more features and also fixes.
We ended up having different versions of certain services in not only all our tags, but all our related images. Some things were missing and some implementations where better than others.
That's why we have searched for a good templating option, and couldn't find one.

So we built it!